Living means many things, but first of all it means observing. Observing reality to interpret it, understand it, make it your own and then re-imagine it; more like we would like it, closer to our needs and, sometimes, more beautiful.
Beauty is not always a priority. Often it is put to one side in favour of more useful, functional and productive characteristics.

Kitchen, Soul, Design L’ ITALIA CHE VIVE

The ability to observe comes before the ability to look beyond things. And certain glances are able to see the beauty beyond the useful. L’Italia che Vive knows how to interpret this talent, as when it thinks of a garment it not only thinks of the materials and lines, but also what it communicates. When it thinks of a car it not only thinks of the technology and aerodynamics but also the charm of a fire red thunderbolt along a stretch of asphalt.

When it thinks of a kitchen it not only thinks of what is necessary, what you can cook but also a place that becomes a theatre of creativity and emotions, where family, friends and affections are the protagonists of a unique story.

L’Italia che Vive does not only create kitchens. It is not only great craftsmanship, avant-garde technology and innovative design.
L’Italia che Vive creates environments with a vibrant Soul, a soul born from the tradition of a great Country and the passion of great masters.

Because, at the bottom line, technology can be bought.
Design can be copied.
But not history. Not legacy. Not the talent to see beyond.

L’Italia che Vive has learnt what Leonardo da Vinci’s innovation means, has seen beauty through the eyes of Caravaggio and has tamed materials in the footsteps of Bernini, Canova and Michelangelo.  And that same skill remains within Italian artisans today in their unique ability to turn passion into real objects, creativity into efficiency and emotion into tangible, solid and hard wearing materials. Like kitchens made in Italy.
This is what we are at L’Italia che Vive; our kitchens are the perfect synthesis of Soul and Design.
But there is more.

We know that when we think of top quality kitchens our minds may wonder elsewhere to countries that have made technology their own and precision a trademark. This is a constant warning for us, a challenge that drives us every day to push further.
We know that until our talent and the supremacy of our kitchens are recognised we cannot be less than perfect. It is with this thought in mind that we choose our materials.
With this attention we design our products.
With this passion we imagine and create your kitchen.

Your kitchen. A corner of Italy.