New York

In the heart of New York City an exclusive evening dedicated to the excellence of the Italian kitchen product took place; it was promoted by FederlegnoArredo, the enterprise partnership which represents the Italian wooden-decor production chain that, together with Cosmit, has supported since 1961 the International Furnishing Exposition, the International Décor Exposition, the biennial edition of Euroluce, Eurocucina, the Office Exposition, the International Bathroom Exposition and since 1998 the Satellite Exposition.

En evening to narrate, captivate and touch the American audience thanks to the evidence of prestigious people, images and products descriptions of some of the main Italian kitchen firms which represent around the world the worldwide leadership of the Made in Italy home furnishings’ offer as a distinctive, inimitable and unique element.
Fern Mallis (President at Fern Mallis LLC), Julio Braga (President-Elect IIDA LLED AP), Adam Tihany (Interior Designer), Dino Borri (Eataly) and Cesare Casella (Italian-American chef), exhibited in a specially designed kitchen, staging an innovative culinary performance, thus interpreting the “Kitchen, Soul, Design: L’Italia che Vive” project essence.
An eminent conversation to promote the manufacturing and the quality handicraft which express the Italian style in the company management and in the product and that highlight at an international level their innovation and prestige, representing the best Italian company’s culture founded on the synthesis between an excellent managing praxis and the ideal, cultural, historical and natural inheritance of the Country. World unique products holding research, discovery and innovation.